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Familiarize yourself with the steps a countertop installation specialist will take to remake your kitchen or bath

The following is an overview of the sequence of events of a typical job and is helpful information for anyone considering or installing new counters in their kitchen or bathroom.

New countertops are a great way to rejuvenate an older kitchen or bath, or put the finishing touch on a remodeling project. Make sure you know how the process will work by learning more about these general countertop installation guidelines.

Choosing what you want and what you can afford

The first step to a countertop installation is determining what you want installed. You’ll need to select what material, style and finish you’d prefer to complete the new look of your new kitchen or bathroom. This is usually best accomplished by visiting a kitchen and bathroom remodeling showroom.

Our Showroom is open to the public. Regarding stone, our customers will have plenty to choose from. We have a large variety of samples from Caesarstone, Silestone, Cambria, Granite, and we also have an inventory of remnants for small bathroom projects. We carry a rack of all types of Stainless Steel sink. Consider us a 1 stop Shop!

How to Measure the Square Footage for Estimation Purpose?

Our goal is to make it easy for you to measure the square footage of your existing kitchen countertops or bathroom vanity tops for an estimation. These measurements are for estimation purposes only. It does not make a significant difference if your measurements are ½” off here or there because this is purely for estimation purposes.

We will send a measuring professional to take the final measurements that we use for fabricating your new countertops.

How to Calculate Square Feet

  • Measure each countertop section and record the length and depth dimensions of the sections (in inches, rounded to the nearest inch).
  • Compute the area of each section.
  • Add all the sections (1-8) together to calculate the total square inches.
  • Divide the total square inches by 144 to get the total square feet.
Please note that granite countertops have a 1 ½” standard over hang from the face of the cabinets. This is about ½” longer than the conventional overhang used with laminate countertops.
Please let us know if you have a very complex kitchen or if the overhangs you are planning for your new countertops are difficult to measure. A WS Granite representative will be glad to make a no-obligation in-home estimate for you.

Measuring the space – Template

Once the design specifics and materials have been selected, a WS Granite installer will take measurements of your existing countertops and cabinetry, noting special features such as the location of the sink, faucets and electrical outlets.

We will use these measurements to make an outline or template of the new countertops. This template will be applied to a large slab of stone so it may be cut correctly to fit.

This step is the last chance to make a change and all selections are to be confirmed. It is requested that the home owner be home for the template. Be sure to speak to your Sales representative if you have made any changes since your contract.

When we arrive for templating, we ask that you have cleared your countertops and keep the work area free of any objects. This will help us to finish the template efficiently, and will also protect your items from any dust or damage.

All FARM and APRON FRONT SINKS must be installed in place at time of template. Cabinets must be fully installed including all finished panels before templates can be made. No panels may be added after templates have been made.  Upper cabinets must be installed if the job requires a full height backsplash. At this point you can also choose to view your actual slab. If your drawing submitted for your quote differs from your actual job we will let you know at this time and adjust the price up or down accordingly.


Upon receipt of your confirmation sign off your fabrication will begin. This can take between 5-7 business days.

During the fabrication process you will receive a phone call to notify you when we will be ready for installation. An installation date will be set up. Please reserve the date completely.

Before we come to install your tops

If you have existing countertops and have not paid for removal, please be sure to have all work completed prior to our arrival.

If a wall cleat or bracket is required for support, you should have the brackets installed prior to the installation of the countertops.

Please plan a clear route for bringing your countertops to the work site. Remove any obstacles that might impede or create a safety hazard for our installers. Keep in mind that the countertops are cut in large sizes.

Schedule your plumber’s appointment for the day after your countertop installation in order to allow the countertops to settle and any glues or adhesives to set. Plan appropriately to be without a sink for up to 48 hours.

On the day of your scheduled installation

The decision-maker must be present at the time of installation in order to sign off on completion of the job.

Please have all appliances, sinks, faucets, etc., on site at the time of installation.

Tear out of all countertops must be completed prior to our scheduled arrival.

Protecting your things

Clear all items from within the cabinet below your sink.

Please take the appropriate precaution to protect any sensitive items.

You are advised to remove or protect even things in adjacent areas to the work area.

The installation of your countertops will generate dust. We will try to contain the dust in a reasonable fashion, but we are not responsible for any dust that may settle in other areas of your home. We ask that you turn your air conditioner and all other forced air systems off to prevent dust from spreading to other areas. Upon completion of installation, we will make every effort to leave your home as we found it. We will leave the job site in broom clean condition. However, after clean up dust will continue to settle.

The following you should know about your installation

Installers are not allowed to move or reinstall appliances.

Sealing: All granite/marble countertops are sealed after installation using a specially formulated stone sealer. (Quartz doesn’t require sealing).

The tear-out and installation of countertops is a major construction process. THERE WILL BE DUST generated during this process.

Mirrors that are permanently affixed to the wall and rest on or within 1” above the top of the existing backsplash or countertops must be removed before the tear-out of the existing bathroom countertops. Any damage to mirrors not removed will be the responsibility of the homeowner.

The price you received does not include any structural changes to your cabinetry or any trim where there is a condition in the installation that might require such trim. Please contact your finish carpenter.

Visible unpainted cabinetry may be noticeable after your countertop is installed. Installing trim that matches your cabinets below the countertop line can hide this. This is not part of our service.

Chalk lines or equivalent from other trades may be visible after the installation of your countertops and backsplash. You may need to contact your painter or finish carpenter. This is not part of our service.

A second date may be needed for a complete countertop installation process, especially on jobs where full height splash is ordered. Standard procedure for jobs with full height backsplashes is to template those splashes after the countertop decks are installed. Wholesale Granite Tops will then return on a second date to install the remaining splashes.

If, for any reason, you need to cancel your scheduled installation appointment, please give two(2) days notice so we can reschedule you efficiently and quickly.

Job completition

Your inspection of the finished job is very important. The lead installer will review the installation with you, answer any questions you may have and ask for payment of the final balance due for your project.

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