Small but Mighty Details: Your Countertop Edges

All About Countertop Edges

When you think of a countertop, you most likely think of the big things first. The general aesthetic, the stone type, the shape, and things of the like. What many people forget to consider are the countertop edges—but WS Granite Tops is here to remind you that, while these details may be small, they are incredibly mighty. Countertop edge profiles have the power to change the entire look of your countertop.

We know that customization matters to you, which is why there’s no way you can forget about making countertop edges your own. Learn more about countertop edges here!

Just as there are choices of countertop materials, there are details to consider as you decide on the best countertop edges. The three main things to keep in mind are the budget you’re working with, the type of countertop you’re using, and the style of your kitchen.

What looks great for a big kitchen space is a mitered edge counter—also known as a waterfall countertop—because it steals the show. This type of countertop extends from the edge of the counter all the way to the floor, making for great storage and great aesthetics too. But if you’re working with a small kitchen, a mitered edge counter isn’t something we’d recommend. In a small kitchen, this look tends to overwhelm the room.

Don’t forget to think about the type of stone you’re using for your project—because it matters. Take quartz, for example. A quartz counter edge might not work for a marble counter edge, because quartz is known for its durability and its ability to adapt to any type of edge, no matter the complexity. Different stone types can handle different edge profiles.

Our team at WS Granite Tops will help you through the process, offering advice on anything you may have questions about. But at the end of the day, this is your countertop we’re talking about—and we want to make sure we create something that you love. So, regarding your countertop edge profiles, you’re in the driver’s seat!

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Types of Countertop Edges

Regarding countertop edge profiles, everyone has different preferences. But we find that the following five are the most popular:

Eased/flat polish edge

If you like a square look, the eased/flat polish edge is right up your alley. It’s rounded to a very small degree, but its aesthetic is mostly square with straight lines. This sleek look gives off a simple, modern, and classic feel, and it looks especially great in stones with bold patterns. It’s one of our favorite profile edges for granite, which is known for its standout patterns.

Bullnose edge

The bullnose edge is for people who prefer a rounder look—or for those who have small children whose heads are at countertop level. This countertop edge profile is actually perfect for homes with children because not only is it safe for little heads, but it’s also extremely easy to clean! This edge is rounded, as we said, and has a curve along the top and bottom, creating a smooth finish.

Half-bullnose edge

The half-bullnose edge is a compromise between a rounded look and one with flat lines and corners. It has a soft slope along the top and a flat surface on the bottom, and it accentuates the beauty of almost any kitchen. It doesn’t require much maintenance, since it’s very easy to clean, so those who love to cook usually love this countertop edge.

Ogee edge

The ogee edge is quite versatile. It’s known for its S shape, with two gentle curves, and the way it puts across a sophisticated and luxurious feel. You’ll often see this as a counter edge for quartz and granite because it brings out the best qualities in these stones. This edge works great in stones with subtle patterns (now is not the time for bold granite!) because the ogee style adds depth to a countertop, and depth and a bold pattern don’t always mix.

Cove edge

The cove edge is similar to an ogee edge, just a little sharper. The indent of this edge creates a groove that is less formal than ogee but takes up the same amount of space. This type of edge calls for a little more maintenance because the groove tends to catch crumbs and debris, but its glamorous looks make up for it.

“Getting the Edge” on Edge Profiles

Your countertop edges are very important, and our team here at WS Granite Tops can help you make a decision that you’re pleased with. Get in touch with us today to request a free quote.

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