Granite Countertops

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The material of choice for countertops in recent years has been granite. Granite is a type of indigenous rock composed of two main minerals: quartz and feldspar. These minerals give granite the speckled appearance it is known for and can be manipulated to create several different finishes to best match your remodeling aesthetic. Known for its strength and durability, granite is a great option for your countertops because it is less likely to scratch and stain.

The maintenance for granite is incredibly easy; there are many options for household cleaning supplies made specifically for granite countertops. Our fabricators don’t recommend using vinegar, Windex, or bleach solutions on granite countertops. The frequent use of these solutions can cause granite to dull over time and weaken the sealant because of their acidity. For regular everyday cleaning, mild dish soap and warm water will do just fine — just be sure to rinse it off thoroughly. At WS Granite Top we specialize in fabricating our own granite countertops and have a large variety of granite slabs to choose from.

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