Top Choices for Kitchen Countertop Materials

Guide To Choosing The Best Kitchen Countertop Materials

Everyone knows that you need a countertop to make your kitchen come together, but there are so many types of countertops for the kitchen that choosing one can feel like an impossible task.

WS Granite Tops compiled our three favorite types of material for kitchen countertops here in this article so you can get an idea of what’s out there. Keep reading to see what suits you best.


Polished granite is probably the most popular type of kitchen countertop, and it has been for a while. It has such lasting power because of its unique looks and high durability—there’s not much to dislike about this natural stone.

There are plenty of tan choices when it comes to granite, but you’ll also find selections that are very light and very dark. This stone has something for everyone.

Granite is known for being low maintenance, heat and water resistant (as long as you keep it sealed), durable, long lasting, and available at a variety of prices.

This stone is heavy, so it requires professional installation—if it’s not properly installed (or if you choose not to seal it), you may experience cracking and chipping.

Engineered Quartz

Engineered quartz countertops are many people’s first choice in durability and style. This surface is ultra-hard, meaning that you’d have to actively try to damage it with scratching and staining to make that happen. Everyday kitchen wear and tear is not going to harm this stone. Also, since it’s a nonporous material, germs and bacteria have no place on the surface, which makes it a hygienic choice.

Quartz countertops come in more variations than granite and are more durable than marble, so they’re often seen as a viable alternative. If you’re looking for something that requires virtually no maintenance, does not chip or crack easily, is hygienic, and comes in a variety of aesthetics, then this stone is for you.

Let it be known that quartz is more sensitive to heat than natural stone alternatives, is too heavy to install on your own, and can be more expensive than your average countertop. But to most, the pros outweigh the cons.


Marble is the most luxurious choice you can make for your kitchen. It comes in hues of white, gray, green, and more, and it’s appreciated by bakers for the way it stays cool no matter what—it’s the perfect surface for rolling out dough.

This stone is somewhat sensitive, though, and requires a gentle hand to maintain it. You may want to use it only for a portion of the countertop and save the high-touch areas for something more durable.

Marble can add to your home’s value, though, and every slab is unique. It’s resistant to water and heat and comes with unbeatable aesthetics.

Customizing Your Kitchen

Your material for kitchen countertops says a lot about your home—after all, your kitchen is where everything and everyone comes together. For help making the right choice, give WS Granite Tops a call today at (954) 234-2377.

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