Limestone Countertops

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Limestone is a bright stone typically found in shades of white and off-white, that brings a certain air of brightness to a room. While shades of ivory are the most common, it can also be found in rarer shades like red, yellow, gray, and brown.

Limestone Care

Since limestone is porous, it can be prone to etching from acidic solutions—because of this, you should be careful about what cleaners you use with your slab. It is more sensitive than marble and granite, and it requires a sealing routine to keep it strong against stains.

Other acidic substances that you should avoid around your limestone countertop include citrus, vinegar, and nail polish remover.

Limestone Durability

Limestone is heat resistant, as most natural stones are, but we still recommend exercising a certain degree of caution when handling hot items. To make sure your slab lasts as long as possible, use tools like hot pads or trivets when handling hot pots and pans.

Since limestone is a soft stone, much like marble, it’s always wise to use a cutting board when preparing food instead of chopping directly on your countertop. If you use the countertop as a chopping space, you could create scratches on its surface.

It is possible for limestone to chip around the corners, but these chips can be easily repaired by sanding out the spot in question.

Limestone Location

What’s great about limestone is that it’s not only beautiful indoors, but it also works great outdoors too—as long as you keep it sealed. It adds a flair to your home wherever you install it, making use of natural light and creating a bright, clean aesthetic.

Choosing Limestone

Something else people love about limestone is that it’s more affordable than many other natural stones, and it can last up to a hundred years. Choosing to incorporate this stone into your home is a great investment, as it offers a timeless look that never goes out of style.

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