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If you’re looking for a material that can mimic the look of natural stone but comes with much less maintenance, then check out engineered quartz countertops. This stone material is man-made, gorgeous, and has the potential to last even longer than your house.

Quartz Maintenance

Quartz is great at resisting acids and is very unlikely to develop stains. It’s extremely easy to take care of, so if you’ve got a busy household, we can’t recommend this countertop enough. It never needs to be sealed because it is a nonporous stone, and all you need to clean it with is soap and water.

Quartz Durability

Did you know that quartz is as hard as concrete? This material is also scratch resistant, but just because it is scratch resistant doesn’t mean it’s scratch-proof. When you’re chopping food, you should always use a cutting board to stay on the safe side.

When it comes to heat, you’ve got to be careful with your quartz slab. While the natural quartz in its composition may be heat resistant, the resins inside it are not. It does have the potential to scorch under a hot pot or pan, so we encourage you to use tools like hot pads and trivets in the kitchen.

While the resin content makes quartz flexible and unlikely to crack or chip, this type of damage is still possible in extreme cases around the edges or seams. But the good news is that if it does chip, it can be fixed by epoxy adhesive.

Quartz Location

People around the world love using quartz countertops for their indoor kitchens because of their high resistance to germs and bacteria, but that’s where this material should remain.

The resins in its content do not perform well under direct sunlight, and they can make for a faded, worn-out look for your countertop when used outdoors. To get the most out of your quartz, we recommend that it stays inside.

Choosing Quartz

Quartz countertops are great at many things—they resist scratches and stains and make your kitchen or bathroom look beautiful. To learn more about this engineered stone, contact us at WS Granite Tops for a consultation.

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