The Perks of Using Stone for Countertops

Using stone for Countertops: IS IT A GOOD CHOICE?

WS Granite Tops is here to tell you that using stone for countertops is probably the best choice you could make not only for your kitchen, but for the well-being of your entire home.

There are many reasons why people love using stone for countertops—and we’re here to explain those reasons in this article.

Benefits of Using Stone

As we said, there are many reasons why people love using stone for countertops. Here are some of the most notable ones:

They’re gorgeous

No matter what stone you’re using, it’s pretty much guaranteed that the material will add aesthetic value. By bringing a slice of nature into your home, you’re amping up the classic beauty factor along with the timelessness and luxury.

They last and last

Stone countertops are a wonderful investment because of how long they last. Some can even last longer than your home itself if you to take care of them correctly.

Their durability

Many stone materials are resistant to different types of damage, including heat, scratches, and stains. Natural stone especially is known for the way it holds up against heat.

These countertops, if they do become damaged, are also easy to fix. For example, fixing a chip is as simple as gluing it back into place with epoxy.

The sanitary factor

For most stone countertops, cleaning is an absolute breeze. You don’t have to worry about bacteria making a home on your countertops because of the way they are either inherently nonporous, or the way sealant makes them nonporous. Without pores to sneak into, bacteria have no place on your countertop.

They’re low maintenance

You might expect stone countertops to ask for a lot in terms of care, but they really don’t. They look great and function optimally even without much thought put into their upkeep. Some require sealant (like granite and marble), but others, like quartz, don’t require anything at all. All these surfaces ask for is a nice wipe-down every day, and that’s about it.

They’re valuable

Stone countertops can actually add resale value to your home. Two places buyers always look are the kitchen and the bathroom, and if there are stone countertops incorporated into those spaces, your home will stick out as one of the top contenders. Even if you’re not planning on selling right now, rest assured that stone countertops will never go out of style, so you’re making a wise decision for the future.

a kitchen using stone for countertops

Making Smart Choices with Stone

At WS Granite Tops, we stock the best stones for countertops—and that’s our promise to you. Stop by and check out our showroom or give us a call today at (954) 234-2377.

Natural stone countertops are known to increase your home’s value! When you’re remodeling your home, one of the best places to start is the kitchen. Even if you are not planning to sell for a long time, remodeling your kitchen and incorporating natural stone will add value because it will never go out of style.

Many times, buyers will favor homes with natural stone countertops, and having quartz or granite as the countertop surface in your kitchen will make your home more attractive to buyers. Homebuyers often look for natural stone countertops in a kitchen—sometimes it’s the factor that makes a home browser a home buyer!

Whether you’re looking to spruce up your home or looking to remodel before listing your house on the market, natural stone countertops are a great choice because of their many positive characteristics. Natural stone adds value to your home and your life!

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